Kamal Roy

Born: June 8, 1944; Died: June 7, 2012

40th WORLD TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS Veldhoven, The Netherlands; R14 - USA 1 v India -2011


With deep regret we share the sad news that Prof. Kamal K. Roy, Kamalda to many of us, is no more. He expired following a heart attack. 

May his soul rest in peace.

Let us all convey our good wishes to his sister at this sad juncture.

Gopes C. Talukdar Diganta Mukherjee
Chairman, ISIAA   Secretary, ISIAA

Indian Statistical Institute Alumni Association
203 B.T. Road, Kolkata 700108, INDIA


Sorry to hear the demise of  Prof. Kamal K. Roy . Our condolences to the bereaved family. May his soul rest in peace.

Ramachandrudu balasu

Sorry to hear about the demise of Kamalda (aka KKR), 

May his soul rest in peace.Our condolences to the bereaved family.

With regards .

Ramanuj Majumdar
IIM Calcutta

I am sad to hear of Kamalda’s sudden demise. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.



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I am Sorry to hear the demise of Prof. Kamal K. Roy . My condolences to the bereaved family. May his soul rest in peace.

Ravichandra Rao

He was a fine teacher. Will always have fond memories of him.

Mainak Poddar

I feel sad that I, who am much older is alive, but Kamal is gone.He lived quietly and has gone away equally quietly. But he was a wonderful student and teacher, in addition to being one of India's best bridge player.To his students and contemporaries he was an iconic figure, to be imitated and adored.
I have heard distinguished alumni of ISI telling me how much they learnt from him. In his course based on Lehman, he solved all the problems in the book. And if one needed to produce a counter example , Kamal was often the first and last stop.
May I offer my condolence to his sister.

Jayanta Ghosh

Really sad to hear the news. He was one of the finest and most brilliant teachers who taught stochastic process to our batch (BStat 1993). The future students of ISI will miss out a lot.



One of those individuals that made ISI such a unique experience :) He taught us Statistical Inference in B.Stat 3rd year in 1991. A few of us who were interested in bridge were curious about his exploits and used to ask him about his game, but he was quite reticent. 

It was only when he had to reschedule classes that we came to know that he was on the Indian team for the Bridge World Cup in Switzerland that year. On his return, he brought back some Swiss chocolate for our class. 


Prof Ghosh said it very well on everybody's behalf. I express my deepest condolences. 

-- DC Rao

As Nilanjan pointed out, Kamal Roy (interestingly referred to as KKR

by students) taught us the B.Stat 3rd Year Stochastic Processes
course. During that semester, a bridge competition was held in the
Boys' Hostel. At the end of one of the classes, when some of us
approached him to set the hands for the competition, he was at first
completely surprised at the proposal as he had thought that we had
approached him to clear some academic doubt, but finally agreed. Years
later, after I had joined ISI as a faculty and what happened to be the
last semester before he retired, we served in the B.Stat Admissions
Committee together (he was the Chairman). I was the youngest member in
the Committee, but he was very sympathetic to my rather blunt refusal
to even consider certain "questions that I considered inappropriate
for the examination. He also came to my rescue when during my role of
coordinating teaching assignments of different courses, I had
exhausted the existing faculty resource and he agreed to teach a few
courses even after his retirement.


Dear Kankan,

I want to express my deep sorrow and condolences to you and your entire extended family at Kamal's sudden death. 

We were all thinking he is getting better, and in fact I received an e-mail from him soon after you left Kolkata. Many people who met him and talked to him even just 2-3 days back said he was doing well, was very cheerful and was looking forward to going home.

JKG said it perfectly. He was the quiet genius; we all knew that right from his B.Stat first year. He was my dear friend and it is hard to believe that he is not any more in this earth. 

Take care.

Dear Kankan,

We are sorry to hear the sad news.

I join with so many others who knew Kamalda (Prof Kamal K Roy) in offering our deepest sympathy on his passing. Although it is little consolation at this sad time, it should be of some satisfaction to know that in his passing you can celebrate the end of a very productive life. Kamalda was an extremely smart man, and contributed a lot to enhance the image of ISI. The measure of a life well-lived is not in how much money one has or what possessions they have accumulated, but rather through the lives they touched and the sorrow they leave behind. If the outpouring of sympathy on his loss is any indication, and it most certainly is, you can proudly and confidently say that his indeed was a life well-lived.

May you / his family find peace and comfort in knowing that his loss is felt by all who knew and loved him.

My thoughts and prayers are with you as you heal from this sad loss.

Please know that I am here for you if I can be of any help.

In Sympathy,

Sastry Cherla

Dear Kankan,

I am shocked  to hear about Kamal.
Last time I spoke to him he was in good spirits and said
he will be discharged and would go home.
What happened is totally unexpected.
One of my best friends, fine gentleman and scholar
apart from being best Bridge player we have. Lived a very
quiet life, always in good spirits. Also passed away
quietly. I am very depressed and am really at a loss,
the bond that began in 1965 is suddenly broken!
May his soul rest in peace.
My condolences to you and your sisters and families.


My sympathy to you.
I always remember that we leant most of Statistics in B-I to B -III from him.


WE not only lost a great Teacher but also a good human being!!!Perhaps this combination is becoming rare in the present day scenario.

Gautam Dasgupta

Sorry to hear this sad news. Kamalda was a very good teacher and dear to all of us.


The righteous perish, 

and no one ponders it in his heart; 
devout men are taken away, 
and no one understands 
that the righteous are taken away 
to be spared from evil. 
Those who walk uprightly 
enter into peace; 
they find rest as they lie in death

Kamalda was a genius and a rare personality, and that's why God took him back so soon.
I consider myself lucky that I came to know him in my life.
I am sure, his soul will rest in peace!


Arun Chaudhuri

Thank you for the photo of Kamal at the World Bridge competition representing India.

Anil Bera

Today me, Alok Goswami and Tapas Samanta, Kamal Da's only Ph.D.
student, from ISI were there in the nursing home to bid farewell to
Kamal Da. Alok and Tapas went upto the Ghat. As a member of
stat-math., I feel very sad. We have lost so many in quick
succession---ARRao, SDG, Jagannathan, AM, TPTripathi, KSikdar, Kesar
Singh and now KKR.

I joined statmath as a research scholar in 1973. D. Basu used to run a
seminar. There was an excitement among the people because Kamal Da had
given a short but brilliant proof of some celebrated result that I
forget now. (Was it Basu's theorem?) Dr. Basu asked--Kamal present
your proof. Kamal Da in his own characteristic unassuming style stood
up and presented the proof and sat up. Dr. Basu asked---Kamal write up
the proof. To my shock---Kamal Da shrugged his shoulder. Dr. Basu
again said----it is a very nice proof and quite publishable, write it
up. Kamal Da again shrugged his shoulder. Dr. Basu then said Allow me
to write up the proof in your name. Kamal Da again said NO. I believe
Dr. Basu was the one who initiated him in Bridge. Bridge gained,
Statistics lost for which I have a deep regret.

He used to be the part of that famous adda group of A. Maitra
discussing everything under the earth including probability and Kamal
Da and SCB were the ones answering most of the questions

Shashi M. Srivastava

Indeed a very sad news. 


Very sad to know sudden and untimely demise of Prof. K. K. Roy. My condolences to the bereaved family. May his soul rest in peace.

Subrata Lahiri

My name is Atul Jain and I was a student of Kamal da. He taught us Inference in B3 during the academic year 1978-79. He was a good teacher, but I remember his kindness even more from my bridge related interactions with him.
Here are some of the incidents that I remember:
  • We were holding an "all night" bridge tournament at the Boys Hostel. At my request, he came to participate in our event. I remember him bidding and making "Five Diamonds" in a manner that mesmerized me at his bridge talent.
  • Shuba Dey and I played as Bridge partners at that time. He introduced us and paid for our participation in a local tournament held on or around August 15th. We did well enough to qualify to play in the next stage. I remember going to play in the final on Sunday night, the day before a TK (Prof. T Krishnan) open-book periodical on bio-statistics.
  • He facilitated our participation in the West Bengal State Bridge tournament. It was held in a town far away from Kolkata and all I recall is that the name started with "B". Shuba and I showed up completely in awe, did moderately well for a pair of first timers and will always be grateful to Kamal da for his support.
Many years later, after I had been in USA for some years, I heard that Kamal da came to US to represent India in the Bermuda Bowl. I was so proud to hear that!
Rajeeva Karandikar also reminded me of the following story. Kamal da had assigned us a bunch of problems to prepare us for the periodicals. I struggled with one of them and went to many of my seniors. No one could help me solve the problem. Finally, I went to Kamal da. He also failed to solve the problem at first. He finally found the solution late on Sunday night. He came to the Boys Hostel the next morning at 5 or 6 AM (I had the reputation of waking up that early) and gave me the solution.
Since I became an avid Bridge player after moving to the US and played in many Nationals, I have particularly fond memories of Kamal da and his bridge exploits. I am sad to hear that he is no more. I will forever remember him as a "kind genius".

Atul Jain
B. Stat. (1980), M. Stat. (1981)
Vienna, Virginia


.... Pijush Dasgupta


Just got the news about Kamalda.

He was the gentlest soul I had ever met. And one has met a lot of people. I am sure his passing away was also a gentle affair.

It is these moments when one is confronted with one's own mortality. And as the years pass, that event comes near and near
Take care. 


Sad to know, pl accept my condolence.

Prithwinath Mukherji

Rest in Peace, Kamalda.


Dear Kankan,

I do not know how the family including you is coping with this quiet passing Kamal-da. I have been devastated by the news. This is in spite of the fact that I did not have reasons to have much direct interaction with him. But I was aware of his brilliance, both in his academic endevour and in bridge. I sincerely hope that you will take the course of celebrating his great achievements rather than feeling sad.

Let his soul live in peace for ever.


- Sidhu

Dear Kankan da,

It is indeed a huge shock to hear the sad demise of Kamal da.

Kamal da was an ISI original...

...supremely talented and supremely considerate towards his fellow beings.

May his soul rest in peace.


shocking Sad news for me

Kakumoni Venkatarao 

It is really shocking to learn that Kamal is no more. He has been a role model to his peers and to many of the younger generation with his intelligence and friendly nature but always keeping a low profile. Not many know his achievements either in academics or otherwise. He used to be a great resource person for any academic activity ( he is reportedly the best trouble shooter for any mathematical or statistical problem with his clear analytical thinking) and of course though he never mentioned himself the whole world knows his standing in the field of Bridge. We feel lucky to have his company for almost 40 years and all along he has been of constant help to anyone in need in any way. Words fail to express our loss and we sincerely pray for his soul to rest in peace and convey our heart felt condolences to his immediate family consisting of his brothers and sisters ( of whom we know Kankan Kumar Roy another illustrious alumnus of ISI)


I am extremely sorry to hear about the sad demise of Kamal da. He was an excellent teacher and a very good human being. May his soul rest in perfect peace. My condolence to Kankan and family.

Deepak Chawla

kamal roy was my senior in isi. the abiding composite image i have is of a pencil-thin figure clad in loose fitting clothes sitting at a bridge table in the central hall verandah at all hours of the day. i hope he finds three equally avid bridge players wherever he goes. 

 anil manchanda

Dear Kankan da, 
I feel a sense of extreme sorrow at the news that my beloved
Kamal da has left us. I took two of my best courses ever
from him, and were it not for his mammoth knowledge and inspiration,
I may have never found inference to be my first love. Kamal da
was much more than a scholar, in the finest traditional sense;
among the thousands of people I have met in my life, he was
easily one of my dearest, because he was among the most
selfless, unpretentious, understated, and gentle souls -
someone it was so easy to love and respect.

Anirban DasGupta
West Lafayette, USA

Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 21:16:58 -0500 (CDT)
To: Anirban DasGupta <dasgupta@stat.purdue.edu>
Subject: Re:

Dear Anirbanda

I am very very sorry to hear about this. I kind
of feared this when you asked me if he
taught us. Kamal Roy was our teacher in BSat
first year both semesters and made
an immediate impression. I will
miss him when I visit ISI.


Kamal Roy was one of the most unusual and talented
individuals. We worked together at the Indian Statistical
Institute for several years. During this time, I was amazed
by his clear and profound thinking. I was interested in
statistical inference, and so was he. Indeed, he was
instrumental in setting me in the right direction for
one of my papers. He was an astute bridge player,
but never minded playing with novices such as me.
I enjoyed playing with him, and was always amazed 
by his brilliant card play.

I am shocked to hear the news of his passing away.
We have lost an outstanding statistician and an A+
bridge player. May his soul rest in peace.

Malay Ghosh

Dear Kankan,
Morimoto is (retired) professor of Statistics,
frequent and regular visitor to  ISI,
and very very close to all of us,
in a sense one of us.

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From: hmorimo <hmorimo@jade.dti.ne.jp>
Date: Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 10:01 AM
Subject: KKR!(HM)
To: "Bhamidi. V Rao" <bhamidivrao@gmail.com>

Dear Professor Rao:

This is really the most shocking news for me!  He must have been much
younger than me. How old was he?

He was one of my oldest acquaintances.  My earliest memory is that one
day in the Tea Club I saw him with his head shaved and asked someone
next to me "What happened to KKRoy's head?" That means I was not close
enough to him though I had met him. And that happened when I had not
yet learned of the customs on such occasions.  Thus it must have been
during my second/third visit in early 70's.

As soon as I came to know him I was impressed by his knowledge,
insight and reserved manner. Soft spoken but the logic and criticism
were sharp and serious. I got always great delight and enlightenment
by talking with him.

As everyone else I appreciated his work and respected him for his not
publishing junk papers. Every time I arrived at Calcutta I asked him
to sit with me and consulted his opinion about what I had been
thinking and doing. His comments gave me guidelines and his approving
comments were the greatest encouragement.

He did not tell me much about his private life. So, I regret that I do
not know to whom I am to write. If you know the right person, please
convey  my heartfelt condolences.

Finally, I am extremely grateful to you. It must have been a  hard
task to tell me of such a news!  As I say every time, I must be aware
of what happens. Thank you very much!

With deep thanks once again,


Communications Compiled by Dr. N D Prabhakar

Subject: Kamalda


Sent: Thu Jun 7, 2012 12:09 pm

From: gopesh talukdar <gctalukdar@gmail.com>



I just learnt from Ritadi , who is in Baroda now, that our beloved Kamalda expired following a heart attack. 

My condolences to Kamalda's realatives .

Gopesh Talukdar

Sent: Thu Jun 7, 2012 12:15 pm

From : N.D.Prabhakar  <ndprabhakar@yahoo.com>

Subject: Re: Kamalda


Dear Gopesh and others,

I am truly shocked and saddened to hear this tragic news. May his soul rest in


Re: [bstat61] Re: Kamalda

Sent: Thu Jun 7, 2012 12:25 pm

From: gopesh talukdar <gctalukdar@gmail.com>



Yes Prabhakar da we are all shocked .

 Tapanda met him a few days back and informed that he is fine. Then this shock.

  May his soul rest in peace.



Sent: Thu Jun 7, 2012 12:28 pm

From:  Partha Bhattacharjee parthab123@gmail.com

Subject: Re: [bstat61] Kamalda



Dear Gopesh,
What a sad news.
He was so lively and jovial when I had been to nightingle to see him.
May his soul rest in peace.



Sent: Thu Jun 7, 2012 1:53 pm

From: Sarit Ray <raysarit@yahoo.co.in>


Subject: Re: [bstat61] Kamalda


Only a week back I spoke to Kamal when he said in his usual spirited voice: "Rajar haale achhi".


What a bad news!





Sent: Thu Jun 7, 2012 2:23 pm

From: A K Chaudhuri <akcadaap@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: [bstat61] Kamalda


I am now speechless ! 

Kamalda was a genius and a rare personality, and that's why God took him back so soon.
I consider myself lucky that I came to know him in my life and could meet him two weeks back along with Tapan.
I am sure, his soul will rest in peace!


Sent: Thu Jun 7, 2012 7:04 pm

From: Jagadish Guria <jguria2@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: [bstat61] Kamalda




It is so difficult to believe this extremely unfortunate and sad news! It is truly shocking. I talked with him on phone last Tuesday. He was so cheerful that time. He was happy that his platelet count started increasing - a very positive sign. We talked about chemo and felt happy that it was working. He said he would be released from the hospital this Friday (i.e., today). I was planning to call him again tomorrow. Now, he is out of reach! 

My God take good care of him now.

With regards and best wishes


Jagadish Guria

15 Fitzpatrick Street, Newlands, Wellington
New Zealand

Phone: +64 4 478 5529
Mobile: +64 21 226 4527

Sent: Fri Jun 8, 2012 12:30 am


From: "Ramakrishna Gogulapati" <Ramakrishnag@bigpond.com>

Subject: RE: [bstat61] Re: Kamal


Heartfelt  condolences to his family.

May his soul rest in peace.

We all know he’s very sick, even then it came as a sever shock.

He was a very good friend. He was very modest.




Sent: : Fri Jun 8, 2012 12:51 am


Subject: RE: [bstat61] Re: Kamal



Very sad to hear the news.  

I was able to see him and talk to him last two times I visited Kolkatta.  





Sent: Fri Jun 8, 2012 1:18 am

From: Subrata Chakraborty <suchak45@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: [bstat61] Kamalda



Dear Gopesh and other friends,

News that were coming in till the other day seemed to suggest that things were looking up. I am deeply shocked to learn that Kamalda is no more. For many of us he was a rare genius and also a lovable personality. I am sure his passing away will leave a deep scar in our hearts. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Would it possible for someone in this group to collect all our messages and pass those on to the bereaved family.

Best regards,




Sent: Fri Jun 8, 2012 2:17 am

From: TAPAN MUKHOPADHYAY tkmukhopadhyay@hotmail.com

Subject: RE: [bstat61] Kamalda



I am deeply shocked and have no words to express our loss -  only to wish KAMALDA RIP.
My heartfelt condolence to HIS family members.


Sent: Fri Jun 8, 2012 2:17 am

From: Aloke.Chakrabarti@rolta.com

FW: Prof. Kamal K, Roy no more


Suchitra & I have no words to share our grief on this news, the 2nd wicket down from our B Stat 1961 batch.

May his soul rest in peace & his sister as well as close relatives have the strength to bear his loss.

We are sure that most of the Bridge players around the world who have met him, would miss him too.

Sent: Fri Jun 8, 2012 3:09 am

From: varughese.mariam@gmail.com

Re: [bstat61] Kamalda


My heartfelt condolences to his dear ones and near ones. May God rest his soul in peace.



Sent: Fri Jun 8, 2012 3:35 am

From: ppghoshadri@yahoo.co.uk

Re: [bstat61] Kamalda



It is absolutely shocking after we got those news about his recovery and a cheering mood.Wish his soul rests in peace.


P P Ghosh



Sent: Fri Jun 8, 2012 5:28 am

From: Sabyasachi Das Gupta sdg2100@yahoo.com.sg

Subject: Re: [bstat61] Kamalda


May God be with him forever.


Sent: Fri Jun 8, 2012 6:07 am

From:  Anil Bera <anil_bera@hotmail.com>

Subject: RE: [bstat61] Kamalda


Kamal's loss is not only a loss to us but also to the Bridge fraternity. May his soul rest in peace. Wish his ailment was detected earlier. I understood that his condition was deteriorated so fast that doctors did not want to take a chance to shift him to another hospital or city for fear of contamination. May his soul rest in peace. 

Anil Bera


Sent:  Sat Jun 9, 2012 1:33 am

From:  “basu_uttarpara@yahoo.com

Subject: Our Dear Kamal



Dear Prabhakar and All Friends,

I just learnt about Kamal's departure for heavenly abode. Despite his great
erudition and fame both as a Professor and a Bridge Player, Kamal was always a
smiling and humble personality. I always admired him like you all as a great
talent and friend. I wanted to visit him at the hospital this week, but alas he
is no more.This is a great tragedy after Usri's departure.

May his soul rest in peace.




Sent: Sat Jun 9, 2012 7:42 am

From: kcgupta1973@yahoo.com

Subject: Re: [bstat61] FW: Prof. Kamal K, Roy no more


Dear Anilda and friends,

Kamal's sudden death has shocked  me .  May His soul rest in peace! 

k c gupta 

Sent: Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:04 am

From: ndprabhakar@yahoo.com

Re: Our Dear Kamal



Dear Basu and others,

I have been reading with interest the comments by many from ISI about Kamal,
which reveal many things that I did not know about him.

I was particularly struck by the words of Prof.JKG and of Shashimohan
Srivastava. They show not only the quality of Kamal's analytical brain but also
his extreme modesty and his lack of interest in publicising his work.

For all people in our B.Stat 61 batch, it was clear right in our First Year,
perhaps right after one or two of the weekly periodical exams that we used to
have, that Kamal was THE real genius in our class at least in Statistics and
Mathematics. His characteristic lazy and easy going manner, clarity of thought,
effortless mastery, unassuming simplicity, lack of fuss and matter-of-factness
endeared him to all of us. I am sure if he had really put his mind, he would
have been an outstanding mathematician/statistician, but then that was not his
style/choice. As Shashimohan said, Bridge won and Statistics/Math sort of lost
out or took the back seat.

But leaving aside the intelligence or skills etc., he was a superb human being -
warm, friendly, modest, serene & unperturbed. I am truly proud to have known him
at least from 1961 till 1973 and will miss him as my very good friend. Every
time I visited Calcutta since 1973, he was one (constant) person that I always
met, and it is hard to believe that I can't see him any more.

Best regards.

Sent: Sun Jun 10, 2012 3:11 am

From: suchak45@gmail.com

Re: [bstat61] Re: Our Dear Kamal



Dear Prabhakar and others,

Many facets of our dear Kamalda's personality have been brought out as each one of us shared our feelings about him. In fact, volumes can be written on each aspect of Kamalda's personality. I share something here which, I am not sure, how many would know. 

Some of us, his juniors in B. Stat, knew very well that if we needed help to understand something taught to us in the class, Kamalda would be the person to seek help from. But, getting him to agree to help was an interesting task. Firstly, he used to be fast asleep in his room ( which incidentally was never bolted from inside, so one could go in and check from time to time ) much of the time. He would be up only at about 9:45 a.m., and the classes used to start at 10:00. So, no time in the morning. Afternoons and evenings used to be often as difficult for a variety of reasons. We therefore used to wait for the dinner time so that we could catch him around 9:00 p.m. He used to look sleepy again by then. However, walking with him along the corridor of the bamboo barracks of the hostel one could pose the question to him. Often, his first reaction used to be "Ami bhule gechi" ( I have forgotten ). We would not give up and keep pleading and pressing. He will yield and ask, "Chabi achhe" ?( do you have a key in your pocket ?)  Since most of us used to lock our rooms we generally had the room key. He would take the key, explain the thing on the wall and, if needed,  provide the complete derivation. Therefore, hours after he would have gone to sleep again, some of us used to discuss the explanation Kamalda provided, and people were seen standing there on the corridor and copying the derivation in their own notebooks. Isn't that interesting ?

As I mentioned earlier, for many of us he was truly a rare genius and at the same time an immensely lovable person. He was unique in his own ways, like of which I have not seen till this day of my life. Therefore, Kamalda is Kamalda. May his soul continue to guide us.

Best regards,



Communications From R K Mission courtesy Dr. Amartya Kumar Dutta

When a new ambitious M.Sc. Mathematics programme was started
in 2006 at the Ramakrishna Mission, Belur, at the initiative
of Mahan Maharaj (a brilliant mathematician-monk of RKM),
K.K. Roy was one of the persons who contributed to its success
during the critical initial years, when RKM did not have
adequate faculty strength in pure mathematics.

As Mahan Maharaj puts it:
``He had taught Measure Theory to the first batch of students
and was very kind to help us out when we needed it most.''

Brahmachari Ekanathachaitanya, a young monk at RKM Vidyamandira
(and M.Stat. from ISI) writes about KKR's presence:

I remember KKR's smiling face - before going to the class

I was an M.Stat. student during 1986-88 in the now defunct
``M-Stream'' programme. We were from B.Sc. Maths background
and we felt at the end of M.Stat. first year that our
overall statistics acquisition has been less than adequate for
the 2nd year MSP programme (though we did have good scores).

We met JKG (then Director) and SDG, expressed our
apprehensions, mentioned what we learnt and requested for
supplementary summer lectures. Due to the CSO programme, there
was hardly a week for such lectures.

Both JKG and SDG suggested approaching KKR
(whom we did not even know at that time) and
a short crash course was arranged with KKR giving the bulk
of lectures and JKG, SDG giving a couple of special lectures.
It was a veritable treat in statistics with three great
teachers lecturing in three different styles.
KKR gave a solid organised series of lectures on inference
(of course, without any notes) which very precisely
addressed our requirements, gave us the much-needed
overview and clarity, and at the end of which
we felt all-set to take up the Lehman-based MSP inference
course with confidence.
It is another matter that some chaotic course
took the place of the standard MSP inference course in the 2nd year
(and that was the end of statistics for most of us).
How much we wished that we had a statistics teacher like KKR
in our second year!
To borrow an image from Bankim,
the short summer course turned out to be like a flash of lightning
after which darkness appeared more intense.

Even after 25 years, the kindly image of KKR giving an effective,
improvised course of lectures for a short duration at a short notice
to a bunch of unknown students invokes a soothing nostalgia.

Message from Vice Principal of RKM Vidyamandira

Swami Shastrajnananda <shastrajnanandaswami@gmail.com> Tue, Jun 12,
2012 at 6:12 PM
To: Amartya Kumar Dutta <amartya@isical.ac.in>
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Respected Amartyababu,

I am really shocked getting the news. Myself, and surely Vidyamandira
Mathematics family will never forget his contribution to our
department. He taught here, if I am not wrong, at least four semeter
periods and every time students told me that he was excellent. I too
remember, that he came to help our post graduate Mathematics courses
in 2008-2009 session when we were really in trouble almost having no
expert teacher in his field. He was very jovial and simplistic. In
fact I could not understand that he would leave us so fast as I talked
to him once only in the months of January and February this year when
I requested him to come here again to teach Measure Theory. He told
that his health may not permit.
It's natural that death is an inevitable phenomenon in our life.
Still, sometimes it knock us in a different way.
I pray to God so that his soul may get peace and happiness in its heavenly home.

with regards

sanjib mj


Messages From Indian Bridge Contacts

Dear Friend,

Senior and an eminent  Bridge player Prof Kamal Roy is no more , 

He is most qualified (academically)  player in bridge fraternity 

a prof in reputed India Statistical Institute . 

He was suffering from Blood cancer . 

Name of his partners : Kamal Mukherjee , Subhash Gupte , Kalpana Mishra ....

His soul be rest in peace.   


Shekharendu Banerjee


Yes, big loss to West Bengal and Indian bridge.

Kamalda was not only an excellent bridge player, but also a wonderful role model for all 
bridge players with his impeccable manners and ethics on and off the table. 
He was superb technician in declarer play thanks to his statistical back-ground and used to
regularly score very highly in Richard Pavlicek's popular monthly online contests. 
In addition to winning all important National level events, Kamal Roy partnering Master
K.V.Krishnamurthy finished 10th in World Pairs finals at Alburquerque, US in 1994.
To the best of my knowledge, this has been the best achievement by an Indian pair
in world class MPs events. 


RV - Venkatesh ramaratnam

Kamalda was one of the most respected figures in indian bridge. We will always remember the soft spoken gentleman that he was.

May his soul rest in peace.

Vivek Bhand

It is really sad to know Kamalda is no more with us. I spoke to him over the phone the day I learnt about the sickness, he sounded so positive and expressed confidently that we will be meeting shortly in a bridge tournament.

He was a role model for youngsters. He was not only a great partner but a gentle opponent too. He had sharp analytical mind and always used to come up with a precise solution.  I was fortunate to team up with him in the Indian Selection Trials in 1984. It was the first opportunity for me to participate in the trials. He was a tower of strength and made the team reach the Finals single handed.

He was a man of few words but with a sharp sense of humour. His eyes used to express a lot than the words.

Good God! how often are we to die before we go quite off this stage? In every friend we lose a part of ourselves, and the best part.

Anil Padhye





 Our Tribute to Mr. Kamal Roy

Mr. Kamal Roy, one of the most remarkable and influential personalities in the history of Indian Contract Bridge has left for the heavenly abode on 7th June 2012 in a twinkle of eyes, even in less than of a month after detection of his sufferings from Blood Cancer. We the members of the Calcutta Bridge Club and his fans are deeply mourned that inspite of his remarkable optimism, resolution, intelligence and courage his life was not renewed for. When we visited him at Nursing Home, we have seen that he never surrendered to this fearsome enemy and even found him in action at BBO until the end.

He was many national title holders including coveted Ruia Trophy and represented India in international bridge arena on several occasions and till now put up best show for the country finishing 10th in the World Pairs Final at Alburquerque, US in 1994.

He was a brilliant student throughout and was a professor of Indian Statistical Institute. He was an avid reader and had varied interests. He was also computer savvy and wrote many cards dealing programme for generating specific hands for bidding practices in MS DOS in the days when very few of us knew about computers. He was also very thorough in writing his systems on computer and preparing Convention Cards as per requirement of the game.

He has shown his brilliancies in card play and was very famous for technical play. Infact people used to prefer to watch him in action rather than play. He was a thorough gentleman and maintained a very high standard of ethics. He was full of wit and wisdom. He was also very fond of offering treats by cooking meats at home for us. He was very club minded and always contributed generously for the cause of the game. We feel very dejected missing him on the auspicious occasion of opening of refurbished club and he had a dream to play in the new room which will never come true.

He was a highly effective teacher and lecturer of CBC Bridge Academy. He actively prepared materials for training and used to give handouts, which were very instructive. He has the capability to teach any standard from basic level to the highest level. Good many hours of life he has spent in discussing bridge theories. He was mentor of many good players and always very helpful to the beginners. He laid the foundation for understanding of the psychology of competitive bidding. He was very aggressive in bridge table and never left any stone unturned to win.

On a personal note, I can say that I was privileged to play as his partner for several ending years of his life in national and major events and he was truly considerate always. He used to motivate me to play better through his outstanding exhibitions of skill in the table. He was a bridge magician. I have also felt his very personal feeling and care for us. He had a deep mental connection with his mom and felt void on her departure. 

His untimely departure is a great loss to Indian bridge in general and to us in particular. We shall always feel his absence and is still very hard for us to believe that we shall not rejuvenate any more.

I on behalf of Calcutta Bridge Club convey our deepest respect to the departed soul of Mr. Kamal Roy (our beloved Kamalda) and may the soul rest in peace. His Bridge excellence is however eternal. He will always be remembered at our heart.    

 (Sourendra C. Dutt)

             Honorary secretary

14 June 2012


Messages from relations and friends

Dear Kankan,

We are highly shocked about the sudden demise of Kamal da.My condolences to you and your family.


Santanu Roy
Dear Kankan,

been to the condolence meeting arranged by Calcutta Bridge Assn. on 11th June'12. I was the sole member from his family to attend. It was a very nice meeting and was very delighted to learn that Kamalda was loved and revered by each and every person who attended the meeting.


দিন ফুরাল সন্ধে হল আধার নেমেআসে,

চাঁদের কোনে জোনাক পোকা আজও বুঝিবা হাঁসে৷

হাজার তারার চাদর বোনা আকাশ ছায়া পথে,

দিলে পাড়ি - তুমি চড়ে - ভালবাসার রথে

আকশ পথে পারি দেবার সময় যখন হয়,

সুখ দুঃখ ভালবাসা সবই পড়ে রয়৷

চল্লে তুমি আধার রাতে সুদুর পারাবার

রইল পড়ে কন্টকময় অখন্ড সংসার

                  - রাজর্ষী রায়


Professor Kamal K. Roy, former Professor of the Indian Statistical Institute, passed away on 07 June 2012. A condolence meeting will be held at the Institute on 11 June 2012 (Monday) at 5.15 P.M. in the NAB1 of the A.N. Kolmogorov Bhavan (Ground Floor) to pay homage to the memory of Professor Roy.


Roy no more
Renowned international bridge player Kamal Roy passed away on Thursday. He was 67. He was ranked 10th in the World Championship in 1997, the best by an Indian. A condolence meeting will be held on Monday (June 11, 2012) at the banquet, Maharaja, at 6.30 pm.

The Family of Kamal Roy has arranged for a memorial service at the banquet, Maharaja near Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata, on Thursday (June 21, 2012) at 6:30 PM. Kindly grace the occasion with your presence.


Dear Kankan,

Didn’t hear from you since you left. Much relieved after receiving this note. Must have settled yourself and gone back to your normal activities. I am fine here, as much as is possible under the circumstances – do not get unnecessarily worried or troubled. Your visit certainly touched me as I have expressed earlier to you. Doctors and all other medical support staff are doing their best for me –I can only appreciate with overwhelming gratitude.

I am still at Nightingale. With such an insignificant role in the cosmic scheme of things an individual human being has very little ability/power to make even a minuscule change. But the indomitable human spirit fights against all adversities and strives to conquer the odds and obstacles. It is this never-give-up attitude and search for new ways – one should respect, understand and value most. One doesn’t know what the future holds for me – but one has to fight one’s own battle –which I am trying – at least from the mind and spiritual angle – in spite of my present physical limitations. Trying to read up some material regarding my maladies from internet and other references supplied by my doctor – surely a much inadequate and a layman’s effort to make something out the whole business. Apart from any result yet to show from my treatment, I am fine mentally and physically.

I am disappointed to note the cynical attitude expressed in no uncertain terms in your mail “I am empty” regarding Kolkata, our country and the whole world in general. You are mainly a dreamer, mostly living in a world of fantasies and romanticism. In my humble view, your observation is also much superficial and casual – without trying get into any deeper perspective.

On a personal note, I have noted your concern for me. You had lofty plans to help me rehabilitate – and I did agree provided you could implement what all you envisaged in your lofty plan. Unfortunately things didn’t materialize the way one wanted. No problem though. As I have said earlier one has to fight one’s own battle – win or lose whatever be the outcome. Please don’t despair. I am fine shall be so in mind and body, as long I live.

If I sound to be a bit sermonical and critical in this note please ignore and discount them totally as ramblings of an old and perhaps a deranged(?) man. Please always remember that you are and shall always be my most loving and affectionate brother, and I know very well of your earnest love and concern for me.

Hope everything is in order with Jaya, Soham and Mamon. With all my love to you all.


http://www.isical.ac.in/~isiaa/ISIAA%20Souvenir%202014.pdf ~ here are some articles remembering him

  "Sob Kuch Thik Thak Hai."